How to unhide rows and columns in Excel 2010 & 2007

In Excel 2007 & 2010, you can unhide rows and columns which is most important when you want to see your hidden data or want to change them. There are 4 methods to unhide rows and columns in excel 2010 which you may read here.

Microsoft Excel 2010 & 2007: Unhide rows and columns in a worksheet

Follow steps to unhide rows and columns:

Method 1: Select whole worksheet (Ctrl+A) or click to intersection point of row – column marker. Right click on worksheet cell and chose Unhide from shortcut list. This process will unhide all hidden rows and columns.


"How to unhide rows and columns in Excel 2010"

Method 2: If you don’t want to unhide all rows and columns which are hidden already, then you can select two rows (upper and below row of hidden row) and right click. Now choose Unhide from shortcut list. You can also identify hidden rows and columns from missing marker.

Method 3: Choose Home Find & Select Go To. Now type of any cell number of hidden row (e.g. A4, B4, C4 and so on…) in the Reference: box of Go To dialog box. This method will direct you to the hidden and will show horizontal black mark in the adjacent cell of hidden row. Now repeat Method 2.


"Unhide rows and columns in ms office excel"

Method 4: Choose upper and bottom rows of hidden rows or left-right side column of hidden column either select total sheet and choose Home Format Hide & Unhide Unhide Rows to unhide rows. Again choose Home Format Hide & Unhide Unhide Columns to unhide columns.


"Hinde row and column in microsoft excel"


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