Insert watermark in Excel 2010

A Watermark is an image or word that appears on each printed page as a background. But Watermark and background image are not same. Background image is only for presentation but it’s not available for printing. Watermark can be printed in Excel 2010 worksheet. You can insert watermark by adding a picture in the worksheet header or footer. A watermark can be a faint office logo, or a word like confidential. Excel 2010 doesn’t have any command to print watermark unless you manually insert it in header or footer.

Watermark can be seen in Page Layout on Workbook Views but you can’t see it in Normal on Workbook Views group.

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How to insert watermark in Excel 2010?[divider]

Do the following to view watermark in Excel 2010:

Step 1: Prepare an image and locate it on hard drive to use for watermark.

Step 2: Choose View Workbook Views Page Layout View

Step 3: Click on header section.

Step 4: Choose Header & Footer Tools Header & Footer Elements Picture.

insert watermark in excel

Step 5: Locate the picture on Insert Picture dialog box and click Insert.

Step 6: Click outside of header to see the image watermark. You can see it from Print preview also.

Excel watermark inserting

If you want to make watermark image lighter, click the center section of header and do the following.

Step 1: Choose Header & Footer Tools Header & Footer Elements Format Picture to view Format Picture dialog box.

Step 2: Change Brightness, Contrast, and Color under Picture tab on the Format Picture dialog box.

edit watermark in Excel 2010

Or you can delete the picture from header and edit the picture in your computer using picture editor software. After editing picture, again you can insert it in the header as a watermark. To delete watermark from header, click center section of the header and remove code &[picture] from header.

This is the best way to insert watermark in Excel 2010 which is available for printing in page in the same worksheet.[divider]

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