How to insert Page Breaks in Excel 2010 worksheet?

Page Breaks command breaks worksheet into separate pages to print worksheet.  Excel 2010 automatically inserts a page break which depends on page orientation, page size, fit to scaling, margin settings etc.  You can manually insert Page Breaks from Page Layout tab.

When you want to work with this option, you should use Page Breaks Preview to adjust page breaks manually. This is very helpful to know the current print area. After adjusting current print area, you can see changes from Page Setup. Another way you can adjust this by adjusting row height and column width.

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In Normal view, you can also insert Page Breaks. Since you use this option only to change or to decide page print area, hence you must know the current print area which we can see from Page Breaks Preview. Current print area shows you the actual print area if you print page in paper. When we use Page Breaks Preview, print areas are marked by blue dashed lines.

insert page breaks in Excel

DO the following to insert Page Breaks:

Step 1: Click on the page where you want to apply it.

Step 2: Choose View tab Workbook Views Page Breaks Preview to page number which is marked by blue dashed lines.

Step 3: Select bottom row of the last row to insert horizontal break.

Step 4: Choose Page Layout Breaks Insert Page Breaks from drop-down list.

Step 5: Select right column to the column where you want to insert vertical break. Repeat the Step 4.

Now you will see new current page area which is marked by blue lines. You can insert this more easily – click the right bottom corner cell where horizontal and vertical breaks intersect. Now repeat the Step 4.

You can also remove page breaks or you can reset all of them in Excel 2010.

To remove, select column or row where you inserted page breaks and choose Page Layout Breaks Remove Page Breaks from drop-down list.

If you want to remove all breaks at a time, Choose Page Layout Breaks Resent all Page Breaks from drop-down list.[divider]

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