Add border and lines in Excel 2010

You can draw or add border and lines in Excel 2010 which are visual enhancement that you can add around groups of cells.  You can visually specify a cell, a group of cells or range for creating border lines around cell which you can do directly using Font group on the Home tab.

How to add border and lines in Excel 2010

First Method: Using Ribbon

Step 1: Select cell on your worksheet.

Step 2: Choose Home Font Borders drop- down list.

Add border and lines in Excel 2010

You may choose different options to draw border lines and select different colors around border then you must choose Draw Borders on Borders shortcut menu. You can draw borders dragging you mouse and change border color also from Draw Borders command.

Example: Different border color and style

Add border and lines in Excel 2010 1

Second Method: Format Cells dialog box

Step 1: Select cells.

Step 2: Right click on selected cells and again click on Format Cells on Shortcut menu.

Change text alignment in Excel 2010 1

Step 3: Select Border tab from Format Cells dialog box.

Table Border

Now you can choose Line Style, color and border line option from dialog box.

If you want to remove all borders and lines, you may choose None from Presets.

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